MLC Adult Summer Classes

Two summer classes offered at Mount Liberty College, a great way to get a taste of what a great education looks like!

Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm beginning June 9th and lasting six weeks; in person at MLC:

C. S. Lewis: Mr. C (Chris Jones) and Mr. G (Gordon Jones) team up for an exciting investigation of several of the thought-provoking works from the ever-fertile pen of C.S. Lewis. In six weekly hour-and-a-half sessions this summer. They will lead an exploration of three of his most influential and accessible books of Christian apologetics:

  • Mere Christianity
  • The Problem of Pain
  • The Abolition of Man

And the three corresponding volumes of the Space Trilogy:

  • Out of the Silent Planet
  • Perelandra
  • That Hideous Strength

While the emphasis will be on those six books, and students will be expected to read them in their entirety, there will (no doubt) be excursions into other Lewis works (The Hollow MenTil We Have FacesThe Discarded Image, et al.) and other authors associated with The Inklings (Tolkien, Charles Williams et al.) or not (Dorothy Sayers, G.K. Chesterton, et al.).

          Low tuition ($100 — a steal!), lots of good talk, cookies, and milk. It is the intention of the mentors that these classes will be taught in person in the Mount Liberty College classroom, but there may be some limited Zoom attendance allowed. Register Below.

Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm beginning June 10th and lasting six weeks; this class will be held over Zoom:

Biblical Hebrew: ever wanted to learn what the Old Testament says in its original? Ever wondered what knowing Hebrew can add to your gospel study? 

In this Biblical Hebrew course, Vern Cox, a long-time teacher of Biblical Hebrew, will teach students the Hebrew alphabet to enable them to read the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible).  They will learn elementary grammar and a basic vocabulary necessary to read the Bible.  With these skills, all that is needed is a Hebrew concordance and lexicon and any word in the original Hebrew Bible can be deciphered. To help understand Biblical words and phrases, students will also learn about Hebrew culture. Our text will be the Bible written in Hebrew, starting with the book of Genesis. A manual of basic grammar will be provided to all students free of charge.   

Many works have been obscured by translation leaving readers with the wrong understanding. Examples include king, fear, anger, ruler, justice, mercy, shall/will, grace, law (Torah), sin, jealous, sweet savor, without blemish, meat offering, atonement, forgive, priest, mercy-seat, evil, coat of many colors, helpmeet, knowledge, and many more. Come join us (tuition only $100) and gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. Register Below.

Come join us this summer—it’s only $100 tuition for either class. You won’t regret it!

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