2023 Spring St. George Class Registration

**Registration and Tuition are due by the close of business, December 15th. A late fee of $50.00 applies thereafter.

The Defense class, if it has a minimum of ten students enrolled, will begin the week of January 9th. Check the MLC calendar for more details.

*The Defense class can be taken without applying; however, those students will not receive college credit for the class.
**Students must be accepted at MLC to enroll in the Logic and Ethics class.

Unless the Defense class fills, the other cannot be held. However, those students who have applied and been accepted to attend MLC have the option to take regularly schedules MLC classes online. For more information, email admissions@MountLibertyCollege.org.

Defense Against the Dark Arts ($250.00, 2 credits, 3:30-5:30 pm, Thursdays)*

Join political infighter, anti-crime mentor, and legendary Hogwarts adjunct professor Mr. Muhlestein, and learn to keep the walls of your mind defended against all attacks. Logic. Reason. Story. Principle. Understanding the examples of the past and the clashes of the present can keep your mind clear and calm, and let you fight back with grace and class.

Logic and Ethics ($375.00, 3 credits, 6:00-9:00 pm, Thursdays)**

A course on logic? In today’s world? Logic involves making the best possible deductions and inferences based on known factual inputs. Basically, the logical process connects the dots from A to B to C, etc. A decent portion of the course will involve logic games. These games are commonly used to evaluate a potential attorney’s suitability for the profession. We will also dissect current and historical issues based on facts we research individually and as groups. Group interaction and debate will be heavily emphasized to identify logical fallacies and identify correct logical direction.