A High-Quality, Classical College Education at a Low Cost

Prepare to be World-ready in a constructive, principles-based environment

A Classical Education at Mount Liberty College

Our affordable, classical liberal arts education will instill universal, timeless principles to guide students through the maze of choices and challenges they will face throughout life. Students will grow in their ability to communicate effectively, write influentially, think analytically, and lead with humility.

Giving students the foundation to become World ready -- not just workforce ready

  • A high-quality, principle-based education at a reasonable cost
  • A life-long appreciation for knowledge & faith
  • An understanding & appreciation of wisdom & beauty common to the human experience
  • An understanding of the unique founding of the United States
  • Preparation for further study & entrepreneurial pursuits
  • A college degree required for today’s professional world
  • The type of education & leadership skills needed to build tomorrow

Prospective Students

What is a Classical Liberal Arts Education?

How will a classical liberal arts degree help me in my future career path?

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