My Work is to Seek after Truth.”

– Algernon Sidney

With the advent of AI, soft skills are what matter most in education:

· Critical thinking
· Problem-solving
· Creativity
· Understanding human nature
· Teamwork
· Leadership
· Communication
· Independent thinking
· The Arts

These skills are at the heart of MLC

Mount Liberty College is where truth, wisdom, and beauty found in the great works of the past are studied, engaged with, and discussed in depth. Those who desire to engage with the great thinkers of the past, enhance their critical thinking skills, exercise their creative inspiration, and be prepared for any challenges the future holds can realize that desire at Mount Liberty.

Every age has its own outlook.
It is especially good at seeing certain
truths and specially liable to make
certain mistakes. We all, therefore,
need the books that will correct
the characteristic mistake of our own
period. And that means the old books.

– C. S. Lewis

Original Sources

MLC provides a four-year bachelor’s program designed to allow students to engage with the greatest thinkers of civilization and grapple with their messages. It is the perfect experience to expand critical thinking skills. MLC students take a principle, work through it to real comprehension, connect it to other great works, and then discuss what it really means. This is the stuff critical thinking is made of. Only after this effort can we be in a position to decide if what
we have read and thought is truth.

Socratic Discussion

Socratic discussions enable students to deeply engage with both the readings and other members of the class. They must listen, understand, and respond, examining other’s comments as well as their own. Critical thinking, problem solving, and good diplomacy are improved exponentially through these discussions. Combined with original source material, Socratic discussions form a key part of Mount Liberty’s educational model.


An important part of discovering true principles is the obligation to apply them to life. Without the courage to apply these new-found principles, there is really no reason to make the effort to learn them. The ultimate goal of a classical education is discovering fundamental truths and applying them; thus improving ourselves and the world around us.

A Mount Liberty College degree is not easy. Don’t come here if coasting through school is the goal. MLC is for those who want an education to prepare them for whatever the future may hold; for those who want to delve deeply into the great questions which have inspired thinkers through the ages; for those who want to make a difference. A degree from Mount Liberty will take hard work, diligence, and a lot of courage, but those who are up to the challenge will not be disappointed.

Mount Liberty College:
Applying the Wisdom of the Past
to the Problems of Today and Tomorrow;
Liberty through Virtue.