Should I Get an Associate Degree Before Applying to MLC?

By Gordon S. Jones
Founder and Faculty,
Mount Liberty College

You can indeed graduate from high school with a diploma and an associate degree from a community college.

But why would you? I would not go so far as to say that the associate degree is worthless. In fact, it may well get you a job, but not a job that is likely to be fulfilling.

You may be able to transfer the associate degree credits to a major, four-year institution, and that will have saved you a considerable amount of money. But if you truly value “education,” as opposed to “job training,” It’s better to embark directly on a four-year degree that will provide real education, at a school like Mount Liberty College.

MLC will (almost certainly) not accept your credits from your associate degree, but we will offer a better alternative: why not do your concurrent enrollment with us? At the end of your one or two years with us, we will certify to your high school (including a home school) that you have met the requirements for high school graduation, so you will have your diploma. You will also have finished your first two years at MLC and be well on your way to a Bachelor’s degree that will constitute real education for the world of today and tomorrow.

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