Tuition and fees

For the first five years of its existence, Mount Liberty College offered exceptionally low tuition. But MLC is no longer new and unproven. Mount Liberty graduates have a 100% acceptance rate into the grad programs of their choice, including Columbia, Ralston, and Ashland. Our students are graduating and going out into the world, making a name for themselves, and showing the world what a classical liberal arts-educated graduate can do. In addition, we have businesses signing up to offer job interviews for our graduates. Accordingly, tuition has increased to reflect proven value.

NOTE: incoming students are encouraged and expected to apply for a wide array of scholarships, both achievement- and needs-based. Most MLC students receive substantial scholarship aid. Further information is readily available upon request.

Regular tuition beginning in the 2024-2025 school year:
Tuition for matriculated students:
            $7500 per semester for full-time students or $600 per credit hour.
            MLC does not charge extra fees above regular tuition.
            As a Great Books school, most of MLC’s books are classics; they are online or inexpensive to purchase. You will not find $400.00 textbooks here.

**Don’t let our tuition scare you. We aggressively pursue scholarships with our donors, such that our students’ average payments are $2000. If you want to earn a classical liberal arts education to prepare you for anything the future brings, we can make it happen together!

High school-aged early-enrollment students:
Students, under the age of 18, who have not graduated from high school may take courses as nonmatriculated or early-enrollment students in association with their respective high school programs. They will not have to go through the MLC application process to participate in our courses; though participation will be based on availability. Once they reach the age of 18, they will need to apply to continue as students at Mount Liberty.

Tuition for early enrollment students will be $250 per credit hour. Remember, students will not automatically receive MLC credit for these courses taken as early-enrollment students. If upon turning 18, these students decide to go through the application process and are accepted as full-time students, their previous coursework will be applied for credit towards graduation if certain conditions are met.
        – The coursework was all completed;
        – The student passed the courses;
        – The student applied, has been accepted, and is now on a graduation track; and
        – A total of no more than 15 credits will be transferrable into the degree program from the early-enrollment route.

Auditing classes:
All adults are welcome to audit an MLC class. No MLC credit will be given for auditing.
Tuition for auditing classes: $250 per credit hour.

 Fee Schedule:   

  • $50     Late Payment Fee                                          
  • $40     Return Check Fee (NSF)                                 
  • $40     Declined Credit Card Fee                             
  • $5       Official Transcript Request Fee                        
  • $200   Graduation Fee (cap and gown etc.)  

We also have a master’s program for those who have a bachelor’s degree but didn’t get the liberal arts education they would have preferred. We would love you to join us!

Questions? We can answer them!

Apply for the upcoming school year. 

Apply for a scholarship once you’ve sent in your MLC application.