Tuition and fees

At Mount Liberty College, our goal is to keep tuition low and affordable. Since we don’t take government funding, there are no government student loans available, though some lending institutions lend without a government guarantee. Students may consider this their first lesson in political economy. Another way we save our students money is our class reading lists. As a Great Books school, most of our books are classics; they are online or relatively inexpensive. You will not find $300.00 textbooks here. 

We have received donations to help our inaugural freshman class with their first year’s tuition. Apply for a scholarship once you’ve sent in your MLC application.

Tuition is the same for early enrollment, on-campus, and online enrollment. 12-15 credits per semester are considered full-time. 


Tuition for one semester: $2,250, for the year: $4,500



Individual class tuition is $225 per credit hour


Auditing: $325 for each 3-credit class





There are limited merit- and needs-based partial scholarships available. Please contact us for more information. As Mount Liberty College grows, we will work hard to offer more scholarships.


Questions? We can answer them!


Apply for the upcoming school year. The deadline is Jan. 31, 2020.


Scholarship Application


                       Fee Schedule                                


  • $50     Late Payment Fee                                          
  • $40     Return Check Fee (NSF)                                 
  • $40     Declined Credit Card Fee                             
  • $5       Official Transcript Request Fee                        
  • $100   Graduation Fee (cap and gown etc.)