Student and Parent Testimonials of Mount Liberty College

“I don’t say this nearly enough – thank you for starting Mount Liberty! The more young adults I meet the more I am grateful for my education. I want you to know anytime anyone praises or compliments anything I do, part of that belongs to you for starting such an amazing school. I am who I am because of my faith, my mom, and Mount Liberty. Keep up the good work!” 
~ Leah J.

“I am an Evangelical Christian homeschool mom of a 5th and 7th grader. I am also a student at Mount Liberty College. I love what this college stands for. They are a classical, conservative college that promotes values and virtue, which is something we do not see being promoted in most colleges and universities these days, even here in Utah. If you have a student ready for college (or if you are an adult or parent wanting to start a little later in life), check out Mount Liberty College. From the professors, the students, and the classes, you will find the love
of learning all through this college.

“When it is time for my kids to choose a college, Mount Liberty will be at the top of our list. They are a superior option for higher education here in Utah for conservative families. There is no woke agenda, just excellence in education. I love the classes I have taken and am excited to continue my classical education here. I look forward to watching Mount Liberty College continue to grow.”  

~ Melissa A.
Homeschool Mom and MLC student 

Mount Liberty is a stunningly amazing program. I try to tell everyone with high school students about it. It’s truly a great education of the mind and heart with inspiring (and inspired) teachers using the canon of Western Civilization (and others!) to develop the citizen-philosopher-leaders that will rescue the Republic.
~ Joan Landes (MLC parent)

“At Mount Liberty College, I’ve learned more these past few months than I’ve learned in my entire lifetime! I think that’s how college should be.”
~ Mahayla B.

“I am so excited for this semester. Based on the book list and other factors, I can tell that this semester and those following it are going to be challenging and in the end, life-changing. I’m so glad to be a part of this journey.”
~ Susannah R.

“I am choosing to attend Mount Liberty College for several significant reasons. One of those reasons is that I want to receive a meaningful and rich education–even if it is not at a well-known or prestigious institution. I do not believe that the age or reputation of a school is as essential to a good education as is an intentional and principled faculty and a curriculum of original, timeless sources and classic origin (not canned textbooks that become obsolete within a few years), not to mention deeply-held values. Mount Liberty has these characteristics.”
~ Annalee B.

“There is magic in having professors that are well-read and as such can assign deep, thought-provoking books. My experience at Mount Liberty College has taught me not what to think but how to think.”
~ Jeremiah R.

“The ability to think independently, recognize patterns, and communicate one’s ideas effectively and clearly are skills that we practice every day and that will no doubt serve us very well in the future. Our goal is to be versatile and effective members of society, leaving the world behind with all the good we have to offer.”
~ Ariella N.

“Because what we’re studying is so old and seemingly outdated it seems like we’ll never use it or see it in the world today but it’s rare that a day passes that I don’t come across something we learned or discussed in class.”
~ Ari J.