The Mount Liberty College Vision

What makes MLC different?

Mount Liberty College
Applying the Wisdom of the Past
To the Problems of Today and Tomorrow;
Promoting Liberty through Virtue

In 2018, the Board of Trustees shared a dream of starting a college that would be different and even creatively disrupt the status quo colleges of today. They envisioned Mount Liberty as a college of 80 to 100 students who would be prepared upon graduation to make a difference in the world rather than just find a job. This difference wouldn’t be about activism but rather about entrepreneurialism and creativity; about seeing a need and figuring out how to fill that need through imagination, hard work, and determination. This dream for MLC students includes the following goals:  

  • To acquire a firm grasp of truth and reality through the study of all kinds of history and literature;
  • To practice critical thinking and problem-solving, hard work, and thinking outside the box as our class Socratic discussions incorporate these skills;
  • To be prepared to see all sorts of different opportunities in the world while future job prospects diminish in the face of AI;
  • To stay strong in faith, morals, and values within the MLC college environment which encourages this;
  • and to learn to apply these good morals, principles, and skills in life, which students have worked hard to acquire.

The MLC Student Mission Statement encapsulates these ideas:

Mount Liberty College is preparing men and women
to enter the world defending liberty,
standing in humility, and upholding virtue.

Four of Mount Liberty’s first 2019 cohort of freshman students graduated in 2023. They have seen great success:

  • Two graduates were accepted into Ralston College’s Master’s in Humanities program – one with full-ride scholarship.
  • One graduate was also accepted into Columbia’s School of Journalism to attend courses at Oxford.
  • One graduate is doing her Master’s of American History and Government at Ashland University.
  • Our last graduate is writing the next great American novel.

To Mount Liberty’s original Board of Trustees, this is a proof of concept and they are very excited with this success!

The Future Vision for Mount Liberty College:

  • Future MLC graduates will achieve the success they work towards just as our 2023 graduates have;
  • Leadership and Faculty will continue to improve courses and curriculum;
  • And Mount Liberty will grow to the 80-100 students first envisioned.

            With your help, Mount Liberty College will reach these goals!