Our Vision

Mount Liberty College
Applying the Wisdom of the Past
To the Problems of Today and Tomorrow;
Promoting Liberty through Virtue

Because what we’re studying is so old and
seemingly outdated it seems like we’ll never use it or
see it in the world today but it’s rare that a day
passes that I don’t come across something
we learned or discussed in class.
   ~ Ari J

We are a principles-based, classical liberal arts college.

Our goals include:

  • Delivering a high-quality, principles-based education at a reasonable cost.
  • Instilling a life-long appreciation for knowledge and faith.
  • Inspiring an understanding and appreciation of wisdom and beauty that are common to the human experience.
  • Encouraging students to be part of the great conversation concerning our freedoms and liberties with an understanding of the unique founding of the United States.
  • Preparing students for further study and entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • Providing a college degree required for today’s professional world, while providing the type of education and leadership skills needed to build tomorrow.
  • Combining such education with moral and social instruction within a wholesome Judeo-Christian environment.

Mount Liberty College is fully committed to complete integrity in all its policies and activities and as such we will not accept any funding from governmental sources which might compromise that objective.

How is Mount Liberty College different from other colleges?

  • MLC provides a true liberal arts curriculum.
  • MLC accepts no government funding or mandates.
  • MLC offers state-of-the-art online capabilities.
  • The MLC experience is perfect for the homeschooled and charter-schooled students who have already embraced this type of education.
  • MLC provides the well-rounded education necessary in a market where tomorrow’s jobs are unknown. 

    Our MLC Student Mission Statement:

    Mount Liberty College is preparing men and women
    to enter the world defending liberty,
    standing in humility, and upholding virtue.