Student FAQs

At Mount Liberty, I’ve learned more
in the past few months than
I’ve learned in my entire lifetime!
I think that’s how college should be. 

~ Mahayla B.

Is Mount Liberty accredited?

Mount Liberty is licensed by the State of Utah to issue college degrees. This report from the prestigious Heritage Foundation explains the problems with the existing accreditation system, and why MLC has chosen not to seek accreditation.

For a more complete answer, read our article on MLC and accreditation.

What is a “classical” or “classical liberal arts” curriculum?

Our classical liberal arts education is designed to instill universal, timeless principles to guide you through life. You will learn how to think, not what to think. You will learn directly from original sources applying the wisdom of the past to the problems of today and tomorrow. Through rigorous analysis and discussions, you will also hone critical thinking and communication skills to understand, support, or counter any assumption. You will gain a deep understanding of the world, the history of how our society evolved, and the originally-intended role of government in a free society. Above all, you will discern your own role in the world and the difference you can make! 

Is MLC a religious college?

We affirm what every one of our Founding Fathers noted: virtuous and moral people are necessary to maintain liberty. Therefore, MLC teaches from a Judeo-Christian framework. That said, while MLC respects religious traditions underlying our curriculum, we do not promote or endorse any particular denomination – nor are we affiliated with one.
MLC is a private college incorporated and registered under the laws of the state of Utah.

Why do MLC students study the classics instead of textbooks like other colleges?

Textbooks give you brief overviews of facts but tend to be slanted towards the authors’ worldview rather than the original writers’ viewpoints. MLC removes the “middle man.”  You will fully experience great minds – such as Plato, Sydney, or Montesquieu – by actually reading their words. What better way to encounter and understand the ideas that have shaped history?

What will classes be like at Mount Liberty College? What is the Socratic Method?

Classes at Mount Liberty College are small and intimate with 10 to 20 students. Most are Socratic Method discussions based on assigned readings. You will come prepared to participate with questions, comments, and ideas stemming from the class readings (while also adding knowledge and insights from other classes). This is why our classes are longer, in 2-3 hour blocks once or twice a week, which promotes deeper discussions and understanding. We typically sit around a table, where we can more easily communicate and share insights and epiphanies. After just a little practice, you will be prepared to join in the conversation with both instructors and other students.

Can I get government-backed student loans and grants to attend MLC?

Mount Liberty College, like Hillsdale and others, will not accept any government funding in order to remain independent to enable us to keep our strict classical liberal arts education. (Accepting government subsidies also means accepting government rules and regulations that may obscure our mission.) To offset federal aid, incoming students are encouraged and expected to apply for a wide array of scholarships, both achievement- and needs-based. Most MLC students receive substantial scholarship aid. Further information is readily available upon request.

How does MLC differ from other colleges?

Mount Liberty College is not here to earn research grants from government and NGOs. We are not here to enforce the “publish or perish” mantra on our faculty. We are not here to ensure huge paychecks for a bloated administration. Instead, we are here to meet every student’s desire to gain a great education. That is why we only want students who WANT a great education!

Will MLC accept other schools’ credits?  Will they accept MLC credits?

Yes, if you demonstrate comprehension and fluency for the material in an MLC course (after a similar course elsewhere), we will gladly transfer credit. We also will provide other colleges documentation for all your MLC classes and work. We will not award “life experience” credit without formal CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) scores or similar documentation.

If I do dual enrollment at MLC as a senior in high school, how much will it cost?

All current tuition details are on our tuition page.

Does Mount Liberty College grant degrees?

The College has been authorized for operation and awarded degree-granting powers by the State of Utah. Right now we offer a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a Master’s of Arts degree.

Is Mount Liberty a brick-and-mortar or online college?

Mount Liberty is a brick-and-mortar college with an online capability for those who live too far away to come to class in person. We are located in Murray, Utah. Learning happens best in person, but attending class online is a great option for those who need it.

Will a Mount Liberty College degree give me the training I need for a job?

MLC does not offer “training” for a job in the usual sense. Our goal is to train the minds of our students, equipping them to excel in any area of interest. Nevertheless, we recognize that students (and their parents) are concerned about employability, so MLC requires for graduation two practica, or internships, that will give students practical experience in areas of interest to them. MLC is organizing a pool of outside mentors ready to work with our students as they begin to fulfill their practicum requirements. In fact, major CEOs and business leaders agree – and now actively seek employees who have the skills to relate, communicate, and problem-solve. Therefore, if “job” means a specific field such as nursing, IT, or engineering, then the answer is “no.” But if you want to walk out of school with a razor-sharp skill set that sets you apart from others – and helps you in every field – come join us! 

Does Mount Liberty College have student housing?

Currently, MLC does not have the facilities to offer student housing. However, you will find multiple apartment accommodations close by in Salt Lake County. We are also conveniently located near Trax and Frontrunner stations for those living farther away. We also offer assistance for our student body with help finding roommates of other MLC students.

Can MLC graduates be accepted to graduate schools?

So far, all MLC graduates who have applied to graduate programs have been accepted. Graduate schools care far more about test scores than they do about which school students attended. For example, a student who studies hard and “aces” the LSAT or GMAT (measured against all other candidates nationwide) still possesses higher odds of acceptance than one with mediocre scores from an historic college. Many “unaccredited” schools have sent students to prestigious graduate schools. Mount Liberty’s curriculum has been developed with this goal in mind. 

What does MLC cost?

For the first five years of its existence, Mount Liberty College offered exceptionally low tuition. But MLC is no longer new and unproven. Mount Liberty graduates have a 100% acceptance rate into the grad programs of their choice, including Columbia, Ralston, and Ashland. Our students are graduating and going out into the world, making a name for themselves, and showing the world what a classical liberal arts-educated graduate can do. In addition, we have businesses signing up to offer job interviews for our graduates. We believe our tuition reflects the value of an MLC education.

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