Daniel Rogers, Faculty

Dr, Daniel Rogers

Daniel Rogers, Ph.D. Indiana University (musicology with a minor in Renaissance studies). MA Brigham Young University (music with an emphasis in music history) BA, California State University Fullerton (music education with an emphasis in choral conducting) His specialization, intentionally interdisciplinary, approaches questions concerning creativity in the early modern and modern eras. He draws on his training in art, literature, and music to explore the wide array of conceptions of creative acts and their cultural frameworks. He has taught at various educational institutions, including developing an international program of study for music in Italy in collaboration with Umbra Institute in the city of Perugia. Daniel is a husband, a father of six children, a music historian, and an advocate for the value of the liberal arts in education. In addition to his academic pursuits, Daniel is the co-president of CreateVita, Inc., a company he and his wife, Giulia, founded whose mission is to empower individuals and communities.