Greg Madsen, Trustee

Gregory Madsen

Gregory Madsen, Trustee, has been self-employed for over 20 years. Two decades of entrepreneurship have only strengthened his pragmatism and affinity for the great minds which founded this nation. In 2005, Gregory founded a cyber security company which prospered for over a decade until his partners approached him about a buyout culminating in December 2022. Gregory’s newfound freedom led him to focus on personal development and writing. In addition to authoring The Tree of Life, the Life and Teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, he is currently working on other books. Gregory believes his success hinges on a deep appreciation for the blessings of liberty. His love of country began in his youth as an Eagle Scout and as a Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge Scholar. Learning about the life of his grandfather, Arch Madsen (founder and president of the Bonneville International Corporation, board member of International Broadcasting Board overseeing the operation of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty), gave Gregory a unique insight into the perspective of those championing liberty worldwide. Today Greg continues his pursuit through his work with Mount Liberty College.