Mount Liberty College grad headed to Ralston College

From Utah Policy Daily, June 12, 2024

The Trustees of Mount Liberty College are pleased to announce that, for the second straight year, a graduate of Mount Liberty College has been admitted to the prestigious Master of Humanities program of Ralston College, in Savannah, Georgia.

Mahayla Bassett, of Hyrum, Utah has been accepted for the fall of 2024, and awarded a full scholarship, covering her tuition and expenses, worth more than $60,000. The admission committee judged Ms. Bassett’s qualifications worthy of “the highest entry award.” In a letter to her, Ralston President Stephen Blackwood said that “Ralston College will look to exemplary students like yourself to lead by example, setting the standard—and imparting the values—of excellence and integrity.”

The Ralston Master’s program is unique in that candidates spend one semester in Greece, studying ancient and modern Greek and the associated culture, and then complete the program at the Ralston campus in Savannah.

Jordan Peterson, Chancellor of Ralston College, describes Ralston’s philosophy in the following words: “The university is about the beauty that is eternal. That is not optional; it’s not impractical—it’s that upon which practicality itself is predicated. That is the university.” Jennifer Jensen, President of Mount Liberty, notes that Peterson’s description tracks perfectly with the philosophy of education provided by MLC. “It is no wonder our graduates are prized by schools like Ralston,” she says. “We are driven by the same underlying values of Truth, Beauty, and Humility.”

Ms. Basset agrees, crediting the preparation she received at Mount Liberty College for her admission to the program: “Over the last four years at Mount Liberty College, I have learned how the story of the humanities and the search for beauty and truth is not outdated, but is the very key to our success. I am thrilled to embrace this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to continue delving into this Great Conversation. I’m grateful for my time at MLC which made this all possible!”

“Mahayla’s success is a reflection and validation of Mount Liberty’ emphasis on the classical liberal arts,” said Jensen. “We try to provide a solid foundation in the value of the humanities in the lives of individuals. That foundation, in thinking, reflecting, writing, and speaking obviously paid off for Mahayla, as it did for Ari Johnson a year ago.”

President Jensen was referring to Ari Johnson of Orem, Utah, who was part of MLC’s first graduating class of 2023, and who was also admitted to the Ralston program. Ms. Johnson received her Master’s from Ralston in May, and will begin a fellowship with Encounter Books in the fall of 2024. She had this to say about her classmate’s coming experience: “Ralston College introduced me to the Greek language so that I could study the ancient works of philosophy and the New Testament in the original language. It was an experience that helped me gain a sense of my inheritance and put me on a lifelong path of exploration and study.”