Two practica are required for graduation

Mount Liberty College prides itself in offering a classical education, as distinguished from the “training” offered by most colleges in the United States today. It is our belief that an MLC education provides the breadth of background needed for any calling or occupation, from law to dental hygiene to family and community development.

Consequently, as a requirement for graduation, MLC requires all students to experience aspects of life where the integration of classical education meets life as it is lived by people in the community. These practica should serve as a bridge between the abstraction of a classical education and the reality of necessary gainful employment.

Practica will not be provided directly by the college, but the following are areas in which students can fulfill the practicum requirement:

  • Business. This could include paid or unpaid internships working for a private company, large or small.
  • Humanitarian. This could include participation in a journey to a foreign country to provide medical or other humanitarian service to underserved communities.
  • Community service. This could include service at a local public or private agency providing medical or humanitarian services, education or tutoring services, reading to the blind, etc.
  • Politics. This could include volunteer or paid services in a political campaign or in the office operations of an elected official.
  • Policy. There are many organizations working to shape public policy at the local, national and even international level. Participation with one of these groups would satisfy the practicum requirement.
  • Job Training. This could include any number of certifications, job training, or entrepreneurial education which will help prepare a student for future employment opportunities.

Other Requirements:

 *No specific number of hours is required. That will be a decision between the student and the college.

*The two practica need to be substantively different in order to fulfill this requirement.

*These should occur sometime after the sophomore year when students will be more prepared to begin building that bridge between their education and employment.

Steps for Practica:

  • Before beginning any practica, fill out the application and submit for approval.
  • Once written approval has been given, the student is free to work on the approved practicum project.
  • Upon completion, a summary must be submitted to receive credit.