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This page is for events or items of student interest.

Students are encouraged to submit any items they would like to see added to this page.



Looking for a roommate? Send us a message and we can add your name and cell to the list.


Student’s Name:                                                                                                    Cell:





Find a church in Salt Lake County to attend.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:




FedEx Freight is hiring in both of our SLC locations. Please feel free to share this info with anyone you think might be interested, or if there is anything I can do to get better exposure to these openings, please let me know. Here are the details:

SLC Facility

NSL Facility

For our Freight Handler positions, here is a video “job description” to give candidates a better idea of expectations.




As a fledgling college, Mount Liberty does not have dorms or apartments of its own to rent out to students. We have created this page to help students who are looking for housing and who want to connect with others who might be looking for roommates.
Looking for an apartment? There are plenty of places to search online but here are a few:









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