Artificial Intelligence and Future Jobs

So much is happening right now in the areas of Artificial Intelligence. We hear how jobs will disappear in the future because AI will take over large segments of many different industries. But which jobs will disappear? What sorts of jobs will be left? And how should students prepare for those when we don’t even know what they will be? Even though there are many things we don’t know about what the future holds, we do know some very important aspects. AI is capable of doing quite a few skills much better than humans and it’s important to understand that:

• They are stronger
• They are much smarter
• They can compute, figure, analyze, compare, and remember faster and better (and that’s just to name a few)
• They learn from their mistakes and never repeat them
• They can all be connected so they learn from each other’s mistakes
• They don’t need wages, health insurance, life insurance, holiday pay, vacations, time-off, or retirement pensions
• They never go on strike for higher wages or better working conditions

However, there are some things that programmers have never been able to get AI to do. These are the skills students must learn if they want to compete in the job market of the future. But sadly, these traits are not the types of skills taught at regular universities which specialize in job training. These abilities are gained only through a classical liberal arts education:

• Have new, creative ideas from being aware of the world and the needs of others
• Express creativity, not in imitation but in new and innovative ways
• Appreciate the beauty in everything
• Create community and lasting relationships
• Inspire other human beings 
• Build trust in others
• Understand group dynamics and how people think
• Make eye contact 
• Understand and respond to the feelings of others, empathy
• Understand humor, especially dry humor and puns
• Understand sadness and loss
• Feel and act on intuition.

These are only a few examples of the character traits a classical liberal arts education fosters. As we move forward into a future with an uncertain job market and an unclear economic forecast, let make sure students are prepared for whatever is ahead with traits and qualities that will help in any job market and every part of life.

Choose a classical liberal arts education at Mount Liberty College; where students gain the foundation to be World ready, not just workforce ready.