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The George Washington Center for Constitutional Studies (GWCCS) a Virginia 501(c)(3) educational and literary charitable organization, is the sponsoring organization of Mount Liberty College. Mount Liberty College is a Charitable Business Trust formed by GWCCS as Trustor and is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Trustees of the College are Frank J. Brown, Jennifer Jensen, and Gordon S. Jones.



Frank J. Brown, JD, LL.M., Trustee: BA, Arizona State University; JD, University of Arkansas School of Law;  LLM (taxation), Southern Methodist University School of Law. Began his professional accounting career in the tax department at Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Company, and then went into the private practice of law as a tax attorney. Later entered the private business sector where he has been involved in the transportation, insurance, finance and medical supply distribution industries. Currently manages Watson Brown Inc. a professional practice brokerage and appraisal company. Brown is a frequent lecturer at dental conferences, national seminars, and dental schools. Has published articles for the Texas Dental Association’s Texas Journal, Dental Economics, and Houston Dental Journal. He is a past Director in the J. Reuben Clark Law Society, Dallas/Fort Worth chapter, and of the B.Y.U. Management Society, Dallas/Fort Worth chapter.  Is a licensed attorney in the States of Texas and Arizona.




Gordon S. Jones: BA, U.S. History, Columbia University; MA, Education, Stanford University; M.Phil, Political Science, George Washington University; adjunct faculty at Utah Valley University and Salt Lake Community College; co-founder of United Families of America (now United Families International). Served as staff to members and committees of the U.S. House and Senate, and as director of congressional relations for a variety of federal departments and for several outside policy and political organizations and think tanks.

Jennifer Jensen Ph.D.: BA, Design, Brigham Young University; MA, Political Economy, George Wythe College; Ph.D., Constitutional Studies, George Wythe University; Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Dean, George Wythe University, Adjunct Faculty, BYU-Idaho, Board Member and blogger for Gathering Families, author of Raising Intentional Parents, volunteer with various political organizations, and homeschool mom of 25 years.

Laureen Simper: BA, English, University of Utah, Taught English 5 years in middle school, Co-founder of Liberty Moms, teaching constitutional and liberty principles, former co-host of the Liberty Lineup radio show (KTALK), author and blogger for Gathering Families, Utahns Against Common Core, and What is Common Core, public speaker, including BYU Women’s Conference. 

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